Silver Valkyrie Events aims to make roleplaying accessible to as many as possible. To this end, we have created our affiliate scheme to forge connections between us and other groups who share our philosophies and goals. We want to help people find the roleplay they wish to enjoy, and, to do that, we need you.

You can see who is already involved in the Silver Valkyrie Events Group and our partner scheme over on the Silver Valkyrie Carrd.

The Code of Conduct

No matter the position you hold within the affiliate scheme, you will be expected to follow the following code of conduct:

We welcome new and experienced roleplayers alike.We provide spaces that encourage diverse and fun roleplaying for all guests who attend.We communicate within our own staff and the other venues about special events, issues and problematic individuals so that informed and fair decisions can be made.We make our house rules clear and public, and we hold our patrons to account ourselves. Any changes and updates we make will be communicated clearly and with fair notice to our patrons.We keep our roleplay spaces immersive and free of OOC drama.We do not promote any of the themes on the veto list at our events.We uphold the rules of the Silver Valkyrie Discord.

In return, we enjoy the freedom to advertise our events and venues to the entire Silver Valkyrie community. We are responsible for advertising and broadcasting our own events and we are aware that any restrictions applied to Silver Valkyrie are bilateral.

The Silver Valkyrie Group


Close working relationship with SVE, allowing you to reach where SVE has reachExtra support from other aspects of the SVE team through direct, on-server communicationFreedom to advertise your events and openings on our discord


Follow the Code of ConductFollow our group-specific expectations and provide a space that fits our high standardFollow our advertising guidelinesBe within the FC or moderation team (pending review)

The Silver Valkyrie Events Group is the umbrella under which the events and venues that form the heart of Silver Valkyrie fall, forming a single entity. Being under the banner lets you advertise your events anywhere that Silver Valkyrie has formed a partnership as per the rules on that partner’s discord. You maintain autonomy over your venue; however, you are expected to adhere to Silver Valkyrie's specific rules as well:

Environments should be open and welcome to people of all kinds regardless of their RP experience and native language (save where a player is being actively detrimental to the enjoyment of others)Don’t spoil MSQ plot points in open events; keep these to private RP or groups you know have already completed the content.Potentially lore-breaking or overly disruptive RP should also be kept out of the public channels to allow for all guests to enjoy the style of roleplay they arrived expecting. If roleplay were to differ from the norm, it should be marked in the venue's opening advertisement.Hosts are very welcome to ask for help hosting their events; we’d ask that those who do so fully commit to their promise, be that in time, materials, hosting space etc (barring of course IRL issues and emergencies).Any webpage and discord should include a link back to Silver Valkyrie, stating that they are working under the banner.We operate a joint blacklist. If someone is barred from events at one place, they are barred from all places. This is separate from an in-character ban, which is venue discretion.

In order to fulfil their role, the venue owners and their staff will be provided with a channel and roles, allowing them to speak with other staff under the Silver Valkyrie group. SVE Venue Managers will also be permitted to share their venue’s opening times on the venue announcements channel, as well as having access to the Venue Host channel to plan events with the other hosts.

Should an individual amicably leave the FC, they will be permitted to retain their group status should they wish to as would need to be discussed with the promotion and relations team before they leave. Should they leave the discord, however, they will forfeit their right to being included under the group, pending review with the promotion and relations team.

Currently, this is only being offered to those that are a member of the FC or the moderation team. There are plans to expand this later, but much more work will need to be done before this can happen. This section is also up for review as we work out what works and what does not. Please contact the promotion and relations team through the appropriate ticket on the discord to discuss this with us directly if necessary.

It should be noted that any collaboration with Silver Valkyrie is treated separately to this rule set; the details for each collaboration will be defined by those within it.

Community Partners


Freedom to advertise your events and openings on our discordA fixed point for your community linksA direct channel to other partners, and our events and moderation teams


Follow the Code of ConductFollow our advertising guidelines

Community Partners are links with other communities who share the same goals we do - to facilitate and promote enjoyable roleplay across Light Data Centre (and, possibly one day, beyond) and help each other’s communities grow.This programme is primarily aimed at those independent communities beyond that of Silver Valkyrie.

Much like with our Venue Hosts, Community Partners are allowed to have up to four people representing them on our discord and in the appropriate channel, each of whom will be granted an appropriate role to enable them to carry out their duties. As part of being a partner, your community is permitted to share their community links on a designated channel, along with a description that is at most 150 words. Link embeds will be turned off in this channel to save on vertical space.

Partnered venues share their posts manually. This ensures that only the intended posts are shared, and that appropriate roles can be pinged on the specific discords, and if required, both sides can appropriately tailor their advertisements to fit on the other’s discord. Only events that are tied directly to the community should be shared through this method, with the exception being community calendars.

For example, Silver Valkyrie can share the events of anyone under their banner (as outlined above), over on Endless Nights, however, Flora of Evertree would not be able to use Silver Valkyrie’s connection to share her event there; she must talk to the leaders and form an agreement of her own.

There is a requirement that you have a discord community with at least eighty members to become a Community Partner.

Ambassadors on either discord will be expected to abide by each other’s code of conduct. The community must also agree to honour any agreements made to allow for the success of any events or collaboration, even if either party chooses to end the partnership before said event.

Venue Hosts


Freedom to advertise your events and openings on our discordA channel to contact other Venue Hosts


Follow the Code of ConductFollow our advertising guidelines

Venue Hosts are members of the Silver Valkyrie community who own and run their own venues but don't wish to run a discord or promote their events in spaces beyond the Silver Valkyrie Community. We want to help such individuals create the roleplaying environment they want, be their space large or small, no matter how often they seek to be staffed and open.

Venue Hosts will have access to a channel where they can discuss events, concerns and collaborations with other hosts.

Up to four people can represent a venue - usually the venue’s owner and three others - and will be granted the appropriate role to enable them to make use of our channels - this includes permissions and visibility through role colour when you interact on the server. Everyone given this role will be expected to follow the Code of Conduct. If this is broken at any point, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate you or your representatives’ privileges to advertise on our server.

There may be instances where there are more than four representatives as a result of people staffing at multiple venues. Those who staff multiple venues will only have a voice for a venue where they have been specifically listed as a representative.

Venue Hosts may advertise their events in the channels our discord provides. It is their responsibility to post and broadcast their events, as well as keeping them up to date in other channels such as Erroch’s RP Bot. The only time Silver Valkyrie will advertise community venues is when we run our seasonal calendars - Valentione’s, Hatchlingtide, Summer, All Saint’s Wake and Starlight+Heavensturn - at which point you will be asked to list your events in advance so as to plan giving our communities the best chance at going to all the events they want to. Please be encouraged to coordinate with other event hosts to avoid overlap, or at least clarify OOC reasons why the time/date may be important/immobile where appropriate.

If you feel a rule has been broken, please speak to the venue hosts of the venue that you are attending to try to rectify any transgressions. It is not your place to enforce rules while at another venue.

Should all known hosts of a venue leave the discord, the venue forfeits the right to advertise on the Silver Valkyrie Discord. This does not affect the ability of the host to have their event on Erroch’s calendar, as this is a separate and independent project.

Reaching Further Programme


Simple and easy cross-promotion, tailored to your server.


Follow our advertising guidelines

This programme is all about reaching further to communities that may not be roleplay focused but are still willing to share what we do in exchange for sharing what they do on our server. It is still under trial and review, so please let us know if there are any ways that we could look to refine this scheme.

Being involved in Reaching Further means that you can have an easy, hassle-free way of broadcasting your announcements to our discord through the platforms broadcasting feature, and all that we require in return is that we are able to do the same. We do, however, require that all broadcast post do not include any of the topics listed on the Veto List. As advertisements are sent to us through discord's broadcast system, users of this scheme will not be able to rebroadcast their events to people in other communities that might follow any of our channels.


There are a wide range of options to advertise within the Silver Valkyrie Community and beyond. Here we share some pointers on how to use our discord server in order to reach the right people.

Where to Post

These are the channels available on Silver Valkyrie for announcing and advertising, and how they are intended to be used:

#server_announcements - Specifically for server related posts and for use by the moderators and admins only.
#📜sve_announcements - Large RP events the community is known for, including those from other venues outside the banner - Feel free to run it by us if you are unsure if you should be posting here. Set up to broadcast to subscribed servers.
#📜community_announcements - Non-RP events run by those in the community. Set up to broadcast to subscribed servers.
#📜venue_announcements - Regular venue openings. Set up to broadcast to subscribed servers.
#broadcasts - for incoming broadcasts from other servers and other incoming feeds. No one should be manually posting here.

These are the roles which can be tagged and how they should be used:

@Roleplayer- Special events, first-time openings, roleplay staff recruitment and event sign-ups.
@Venue Updates - Pinging about regular opening times.
@Roleplay Finder - Inpromptu openings for RP only.
@Community Event Updates - Pinging about Non-RP events.

The Veto List

Below is the list of activities and mentions prohibited at events and in advertisements promoted on the Silver Valkyrie discord server and associated listings. Our rules are based on the rules from the FFXIV Calendar Bot - the form used by Erroch to populate and the associated Discord Bot.

It is explicitly forbidden for any of your staff to engage in, or to reference in your advertisement:
Promotion of real-world drug use.*Promotion of real-world illegal activity.*Selling of slaves, sexual or otherwise.Selling of sex or sexual related services, either in public or private (including but not limited to: stripping, lap dances, and ERP).Permitting NSFW photos from the events to be posted on the venue’s official website(s) and/or discord(s)**Real money trading (RMT).***Real-world discriminatory speechDefamation or harassment of other players/real-world entities.
* References to in-game drugs and in-game drug analogues are fine. Read: sommus dens are fine.
Promotion of in-game analogues to illegal activity are fine. IE: Talking about burning down a noble in Ishgard is ok. Talking about burning down a real-life location is not ok.
** This only applies to the events you are seeking to advertise as SFW. If a venue has two different brands in the same building (E.g. Adam’s Cafe and Adam’s Topless Bar), NSFW photos are allowed so long as they are only taken at the NSFW event, but only the SFW event would be advertised on Silver Valkyrie.
*** This includes links to off-site advertisements selling 'runs', 'items', or gold for real-world donations/payments/etc. Things like Art commissions fall into out of game money for out of game services and are fine.

These restrictions also apply to the site on which your event is advertised. An exception will be made for mass media sites (E.g. Tumblr). This restriction only applies to your Tumblr, not the entire Tumblr site. If your FC / Group / personal media site contains restricted/forbidden material, you can easily get around this by creating an event-specific site on a service such as carrd or a post on a site similar to the Hydaelyn Roleplayers site.

The ESRB rating can be cross-checked against. Any events found abusing this to try and knowingly sneak adult-only events into a lower rating for more visibility may be permanently delisted without warning.

ESRB Ratings:

This covers many of our events. Most performances (Note: Burlesque and songs with sexual themes go into the mature category), taverns, most fight clubs, blitzball, and 90% of our edge cases.

Anything covering topics suitable for mature audiences goes here. This covers things like burlesque shows, music performances about sexual topics but not direct sexual content, and fight clubs that promote realistic violence instead of just sparring. Events involving certain taboo topics may go here as well, drugs, murder, dark content, etc.

Adult Only:
This covers sexual related content, extreme graphic violence, and the like.

Note: Due to legal issues, these will not be promoted in any shape or form.


Because Silver Valkyrie is a Community Server, we have the ability to broadcast designated channels to other servers who wish to subscribe to them. In order to broadcast your post, just click the megaphone button once you have made your post.

Discord Broadcast Button

Make sure to check your post through before broadcasting it.
The choice and responsibility for publishing events lie with the host posting the message.
We will not be chasing up any hosts who do not publish their messages and will not do it on their behalf.

When to Post

How far in advance and how often you post very much depends on what type of event you are sharing.

If you are posting about your regular opening, one post one to six hours before opening is recommended.

If you are posting about an event that requires some form of sign-up, at least a week, with a week's worth of time that sign-ups are accepted is recommended, as well as a post one to six hours before the event opens, where reasonable.

A special event, such as a seasonal event or performance, it is wise to have a longer lead time for advertisement.

If you are posting about a change to opening hours or other such important details, a post should be made with enough time for visitors to adjust for this.

The aim is to post enough that you reach people, but not so much that it becomes irritating to them.

Affiliate Resources

Silver Valkyrie Events Logo

Small, animated logo for Silver Valkyrie - Used as the Discord Server Logo

Silver Valkyrie Events Logo

Small, static logo for Silver Valkyrie

Become an Affiliate

In order to become an affiliate, a representative must join the Silver Valkyrie Discord. Once you have joined, please raise a ticket for the Promotions and Relations Team who will ask you a set of questions as part of the applications process. We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we are able, but please note that responses may take time for us to consider.